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About me

Siniša Vugrek, metal sculptor and vehicle maker

Siniša Vugrek is multi-disciplinary artist, constructor, designer, treasure hunter and soul searcher. No matter of surface, his art has always been manifestation of personal spiritual trip.

“I want to share my vision with the world in hope to inspire deeper connection with you as viewer and your personal life road. With my work and sculptures I want to encourage people to live deeply, love fearless and appreciate beautiful Earth”

With fusion of nature and metal, Siniša creates unique masterpieces.

“Not so long ago, I had to spend much time outside my home since I had busy business schedule. My connection with workshop and nature inspired my art. I am deeply connected to nature, vehicles and metal so that came as great accessorize to my life since I searched more than decade for purpose in professional life. Now I visit places full of life and I am most inspired when I travel on the open road. This connection comes as result of deep spiritual actions I do through union with nature and modern world.

Vehicles or sculptures, I want for my visitors to see true beauty of the world and I want to be true witness of this great existence.”

Siniša Vugrek izrađuje skulpturu
Siniša Vugrek izrađuje skulpturu

“Metal shine, spiritual trip and self conscious. Siniša’s art really takes you to the trip to the different dimension. His art is so unbelievably special and inspires you for deeper research.”

Joseph G., Paris – FR


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Siniša Vugrek - orao
Siniša Vugrek - cvijet
Siniša Vugrek - srce

About my work

After ten years of work on innovative vehicle models, I started my career as metal artist in Croatia. I am deeply in love with process of making art and I focused really fast on making sculptures and create my own visions, not just visions of my customers. Few years ago, I opened garage in Trnovec so I could build unique cars and sculptures and success as artist.

I spent more than 12.000 hours looking at my creations of cars, bicycles and scooters. In those 12.000 hours, minimally 5.000 hours were spent in free time. I created more than 30 sketches, thousands of drawings and hundreds of pictures and three-dimensional pieces.

Siniša Vugrek

Metal sculptor and musician

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