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Siniša Vugrek's bicycles specially made for Špancirfest

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Siniša Vugrek’s bicycles specially made for Špancirfest

  • Posted by: vsmetal-art
VS Customs Bicikli za Spancirfest

VS Customs from Varaždin made something special for this year’s Špancirfest. Siniša Vugrek and his team made swing bicycle which has two mobile spindles, counter bicycle which has unusual way to steer and one bicycle with competitive function. Competitive bicycle requires pedaling which results in ball going into the air to the goal. On metal and construction parts Siniša Vugrek and Branko Obadić worked.

We presented the idea to City of Varaždin and Varaždin Tourist Board and they accepted it. So we made decision to build swing bicycle, counter bicycle and bicycle with competitive function., said Siniša.

It took two weeks to build unique bicycles. Final assembling was made by Neven Horvatek. Kristijan Grabar was in charge of electrical parts of bicycles.

You have three bicycles and three tasks. The competitive one will probably be the most interesting but other two are real challenge. , he said.

Innovative team from Varaždin is impatient to see how Špancirfest visitors will react so we are inviting you to see these innovative bicycles for yourself and take them for a ride, if you are up for a challenge!
You can see how they look in gallery below. Also, video shows Siniša in demonstrating riding swing bicycle.

Author: vsmetal-art
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